The Dig Presents features original reporting, personal narratives, and sonic experiments about political movements, histories, and feelings. 

It’s a documentary spin-off of Daniel Denvir’s interview podcast, The Dig.

It’s co-edited by me and Mitchell Johnson.

Episode 1: A Garden in Cairo
It started with a few cones and a cryptic sign.
Produced by Omar Etman. Featuring Omnia Khalil and Karim Ghaleb.

Episode 2: Superhighway!
We have as many roads in the United States as we have streams and rivers.
Produced by Caroline Kanner and Jackson Roach, with original music by Jackson Roach. Featuring  Chris Helzer, Christopher W. Wells, Emilie Snell-Rood, Robert Moor, Ben Goldfarb, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, and Lou Cornum.

Episode 3: Transmissions from Jonestown
A sonic memorial to the Black women of the Peoples Temple. Produced and reported by Babette Thomas. Featuring Dawn Gardfrey and Sikivu Hutchinson.

Episode 4: Counting in Chinese
Writer and critic Andrea Long Chu wanted to ask everyone in her family one simple question.

Episode 5: Power Struggle
Reporter Dharna Noor learns about the Tennessee Valley Authority: the good, the bad, the past, and the future. Featuring Sandeep Vaheesan.

Episode 6: Alien Jerky Sold Here
If you look, you'll see. Most people don't look.
Produced by Stephen Cassidy Jones and Liza Yeager. Featuring Mark Pilkington, Valerie Kuletz, and Trevor Paglen.